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Thinking of trying SAP as a career option?? Well, then you are on the right page!!!   SAP stands for Systems Application and Products in Data Processing. SAP is the fourth largest software company in the world. SAP currently rules the ERP industry and provides a system for handling all resources of the enterprise such as HR, Sales and Distribution, Business Intelligence, Finance and Accounting, Materials Management, Project Management etc. SAP along with its modules is used in over 120 countries by 15 million people. As far as India is concerned, SAP is a market leader with its ERP solutions. It generates a lot of jobs with good salaries for IT professionals. HOW TO GET JOBS WITH SAP?  Don't get disheartened if you are not a science student or an Engineer. SAP is not restricted to IT professionals, engineers or people holding degree in Computers. It can be learned by anyone who has basic computer skills with the help of SAP certification courses. These courses are
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Do you know what 80% Internet is made up of? Do you think Internet is as shallow as Google? Well then, we provide you with one more Myth Busting information. The Deep Web is reported to have 80% of the whole Internet. Just like the Universe, we have only viewed a small part of the Internet too. The Deep Web or hidden web is the part of the World Wide Web which is not found by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It is approximated to have 80% of the whole web, but according to the recent reports, it is increased up to a figure of 95%. It includes everything such as online banking, video on demand and even Wikipedia. Michael K. Bergman is credited for the name "Deep Web". According to Experts, Deep Web has its origin in "Stanford university" as well as the "MIT", one of the most prestigious institutes worldwide. It was started back in the 70's or 80's, thus Deep Web is almost as old as the Internet itself. Deep Web can


Are you one of those who thinks Hacking Tool can help you become a Hacker?                                                                 Well, then you are absolutely wrong!!!  Hacker is a person who can break into your computer systems. According to technical definitions, Hacker is a "clever programmer" who is an engineer or a knowledgeable person who knows enough about network security to break into it. If you are a certified ethical hacker then you are a demanded person in today's IT market. But are you one of those who relies on Best hacking software or software tools for hacking. Well, then you are not a hacker. You are a simple user, who uses tools for hacking.  WHAT ARE HACKING TOOLS? A hacking tool is a software designed by a proficient hacker to assist in hacking. The perfect word for describing you, if you are using a hacking tool is ScriptKiddie. ScriptKiddie is a person who uses hacking tools and scripts blindly, without realizing what is

Myth Busting Of The IT Industry

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A CAREER IN IT INDUSTRY?     If you think that coding is not your cup of tea , then considering reading this. The IT industry is not about coding anymore. Nowadays, the new generation technologies are not only limited to coding but have expanded the platforms. Several such platforms are ERP, BDA, QA, SEO, ORM, Content Writers etc. We will provide you the details about each field. ERP: The Enterprise Resource Planning industry is taking a leap. Over the years, it has taken a 1000% leap from its original revenues. You should consider learning an ERP for future scope, as the scope of future ERPs is really big in number. ERPs such as SAP, OODO, Oracle are having an epidemic outbreak in the IT industry. If you are not into coding, try functional consultancy in the field. As ERP is the new trend, during implementation they need skilled and trained experts for helping the customers in implementation. QA (Quality Analysis): The QA industry is expanding